Finishing 4 months of Lambda has been one of the most educationally challenging moments of my life.

I’m now able to:

  • Create a website for displaying my content
  • Load and manipulate data.
  • Train a regression or classification problem.
  • Apply statistical modeling techniques (K-means, XGBoost, Logistic Regression, Grid Seach CV, etc.)
  • Display the results on an interactive Flask app.
  • Set up a PostgreSQL or Mongo DB database.
  • Familiar with Natural Language Processing
  • Familiar with Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Familiar with Multilayer Perceptrons
  • Familiar with Deep Learning
  • Work on cross-functional teams
  • Work with other data scientists
  • Planning a project for an intended deadline
  • How to write a resume specific to my field
  • Networking with others and this isn’t even everything…


I’ve never felt more accomplished educationally than how I’ve performed at Lambda. I put in 60-70 hours weekly during the first part of the program and looked at it as not a school, but instead mastery training. I knew if I didn’t know the curriculum well enough that it would come back to bite me when I did a real interview. That’s why I felt so fortunate to learn about the Teaching Lead opportunity that Lambda provides.

A Lambda Teaching Lead (TL) is a student who puts their current curriculum on hold to mentor and helps an incoming cohort into the Lambda Program. With this time, I’ve already polished my website and uploaded my new work, and have thought of new ideas for additional projects. Being a TL also lets me double down on the Lambda curriculum again and view it from a
completely different angle, which provides invaluable experience that translates well to a real work environment.

I’ll only be a TL for at most four months and will be more than happy to continue my curriculum track as intended when it comes time. After my TL duties finish, I’ll be able to contribute more substantially with an improved knowledge of hard and soft skills toward any team I’m working with professionally or recreationally.

It’s incredible what four months of self-dedication can do for anyone. I knew what I wanted out of Lambda and trusted the process, and I feel like its already paying dividends. It’s a great feeling to put in hard work and see the reward. These first four months have been an epic start to my journey as a data scientist.